6 thoughts on “Fractal art”

  1. I stopped by to look at your digital art which I enjoyed, especially Vector City. I appreciate how hard vector can be to do. I really enjoyed the fractal collection. All very good. Do you know your fine art link is not working? What app do you use? I use Painter, but don’t have any paintings up yet.

    1. Hello,
      Thanks for your visit and appreciation.
      I’m glad you like my portfolio and you’re now one of my followers. 🙂
      The Vector City illustration was a very big challenge for my computer because , to create that kind of drawing you need a very powerful one . Anyway, I enjoyed working on that project very much and I’m glad you like it 🙂 ( I spent 17 hours, without a break, drawing that Vector illustration)
      I use Illustrator for vector art and Photoshop for bmp illustrations. In some cases I also use Corel Draw and Corel Painter but not that as often.
      I didn’t know about the Fine Arts link but now, thanks to you, it’s functional again 😀
      Cheers !

      1. Since you had bmp in some work does that mean you save your work in bmp format? I used to do that because JPG loses information. If so, is that why you save in bmp?

      2. I save my work in eps, jpg and the specific file for the program I work in. The eps file allows you to import your vector work in many other programs preserving the high quality.

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