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Alina Daniela Nicu creates art in a variety of areas and ways.

She has been studying Graphics since the age of 9 and has been formally trained in a great number of techniques employed to create art, allowing her to become a skilled painter, graphic designer and digital artist.

Aside from having finished the Pitesti Art School and the Timisoara Art&Design University, she has perfected her skills by joining (and completing) three additional Graphic Design and Web Design courses in Bucharest. As a result, she is also a licensed Graphic and Web Designer, creating logos for companies from all types of fields, various bands, and covers for corporate identity presentations, books, catalogues and musical albums.

She has worked alongside Grigore Popescu on the restoration of the Lainici Monastery in 2007.  She has since been involved in the decoration of a number locations in Timisoara, Pitesti, and Bucharest, as a wall-painter.

Over the years, her work has been exhibited all over Romania as well as in the UK. She’s also collaborated with the Romanian Cultural institute for live drawing events in Berlin, Germany and Bucuresti Romania.

Her digital work includes old photo restoration, photo alteration and photography.

Other areas of work include her being a skilled furniture painter, tattoo artist, musical instrument decorator, religious icon creator and engraver.

If you wish to contact Alina Daniela Nicu for any type of work, please write to:


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